28 Juni 2013

Proposing Fare Increases Of Up To 50 Percent

Comments: Proposing fare increases of up to 50 percent

On the heels of the subsidized fuel price hike, Governor Joko Jokowi Widodo announced on Tuesday the proposed new economy-class public transportation fares, with increases of up to 50 percent.

It is recommended that the fares for public minivans, minibuses and regular buses be increased to Rp 3,000 (30 US Cents) from Rp 2,000 while the Transjakarta bus rapid transit system, which runs on LNG, will be increased to Rp 5,000.

Your comments:

This does not make sense at all, increasing fares by 50 percent when fuel prices only constitute 40 percent of the price.

This is the same with goods and service providers increasing prices by 20 percent. How come no one is complaining or demonstrating against them concerning their price increases when fuel prices do not represent 20 percent of their costs?

Deddy K

Wow, 50 percent increase? This policy will jack the number of motorcyclists up!

People are being forced to forget about public transportation in Jakarta.

Suri Adnyana

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