28 Juni 2013

Worst Of Haze Shifts From S’pore To Kl

Issue of the day: Worst of haze shifts from Spore to KL

Malaysian authorities declared a state of emergency on Sunday in a southern district where a smoky haze blamed on Indonesian forest fires has resulted in one of the countrys worst pollution levels in years.

The worst of the smog has shifted from Singapore to southernmost Malaysia, where noxious fumes have drifted across the sea this past week from Indonesias Sumatra island.

The Malaysian governments index for air pollution reached a measurement of 746 early Sunday in the southern district of Muar. It was far above the threshold of 300 for hazardous air quality.

Authorities were issuing instructions for Muars residents to remain indoors and for schools to close, Environment Minister G. Palanivel said in a statement on his Facebook page. The district has about 250,000 people, several of whom posted photographs on Twitter showing bridges and buildings enveloped in smog that slashed visibility to barely hundreds of meters.

Your comments:

We understand that efforts have been made to tackle the issue and not purely pointing fingers.

If you miss the point, allow me to put it straight.

Dont spite someone when we are all on the same sinking boat.

Bad people should be punished. For too long fresh air has been taken for granted produced by Sumatras and Kalimantans forests.

Daniel Kaimana

Please stop the burning, help us. I am from Malaysia. I have many Indonesian friends here.

We need the Indonesian governments help to stop the open burning of forest.

Bob Heisenberg

Still the finger-wagging and blather continues. Documented crimes are being committed, so charge the land owners, seize their bank accounts and get the flying water tankers working, now. Its called action. Simple.


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