26 Juni 2013

Who Is Responsible For The Haze Pollution?

Your comments on who is responsible for the haze that is polluting the air of Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, bearing in mind that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has offered an apology, after two of his ministers refused to do so:

I am a Cambodian. I want to share an experience similar to this case.

As you know, the Mekong River crosses many countries in Asia including China, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Each of these countries must inform the other Mekong River states if they plan to implement a major project, such as building a hydroelectric plant.

I think the Indonesian government should learn from this case and assume responsibility for their mistake.


These countries should stop pointing fingers at one another and act responsibly without allowing more fires to burn or making provocative statements over this issue.

As cliched as it may sound, action should be taken as soon as possible instead of fussing about who should have to apologize.


It's clear who is responsible. Asking for an apology, however, is another issue.


Come on Marty, Ramadhan and Lebaran are nearly here. This is the time to offer an apology, whether it is
meant or not.


Nobody is asking us for an apology. They are asking us to put the fires out period!

The Singaporean government has distributed N95 masks to the poorer segment of its society.

In Malaysia, all policemen in the southern region have also been issued with free N95 masks.

I hope the Indonesian government will quickly distribute N95 masks to our citizens in Riau without delay.


To our ministers, please be gentlemen, especially in the international arena.

Learn to accept responsibility, saying "thank you" and "sorry" when necessary. Otherwise, the impression is one of arrogance and rudeness. That is very different to being strong. We need to learn the difference.


Singaporeans do not want and do not need an apology. We just need you to put out the fires.


This unique question prompts me to ask another question: "Who is to blame for the inundations in Amsterdam and Jakarta?"

Conveniently, we allow ourselves to wonder: "Why do most northern and southern countries allow their thick ice to melt only to add to the rising sea levels inundating our cities?"

The world has to cooperate (like ASEAN and the UN) and integrate to make a better world.


The haze caused by forest fires and illegal land clearing operations, which pollutes the air of our country as well as that of our Asian neighbors, is a routine annual occurrence.
Nevertheless, every time it happens nobody seems to know the source, the cause, the offenders or the solution to the problem. This is one of the ironies of regional autonomy.

Local governments, which are very proactive in obtaining budget funds, turn out to be at a loss where authority and responsibility is concerned.


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