26 Juni 2013

Indonesia Apologizes For Smoky Haze

June 25, Online/AP

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono apologized on Monday to Singapore and Malaysia for record-setting pollution caused by forest fires in his country.

As the President, I apologize to our brothers in Singapore and Malaysia for what is happening" Yudhoyono said.

The President asked for their understanding and said Indonesia is working hard to fight the fires, which are often lit by fanners to clear fields.

Jakarta dispatched planes and helicopters last week to battle the blazes in peat swamp forests as well as plantations in Riau province in Sumatra, where the smoke easily drifts across the sea to the two neighboring countries.

Your comments:

Indonesia has elections next year, some of the front runners are hardly environmental champions.

By the way, if you look at the Forbes index for the richest Indonesians you will see nine out of the top 10 have significant assets in palm oil plantations.

Buy those oxygen cylinders.


I think as minister, Agung Laksono needs to be wiser and more cautious when speaking.

Aswi N R

Yeah, despite what he said, he should reflect more on his own words.


Minister Agung Laksono slammed critical comments by Singaporean officials about the haze, saying they should have been conveyed through diplomatic channels instead of publicly.

Why so sensitive? It's not like you can keep the haze a secret.

Anyway don't you think the people in Singapore will be wondering why their government never says anything?

They will think that their government is not doing their job! So duh right... they had to make a public appeal.


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