25 Juni 2013

Only Rain Can Help Singapore Now

June 21, pi

As haze from forest fires in Sumatra wreaked havoc on the prosperous city-state of Singapore, the Indonesian government has suggested an imminent downpour as the only way to bring an end to the crisis.

Forestry Ministry general secretary Hadi Daryanto said on Thursday that Indonesia could not guarantee that necessary measures taken to combat the fires would be effective without a miracle in the form of a heavy downpour.

Your comments:

The whole administration from the governor down to the people working in the forestry division
in Riau should be investigated for alleged corruption.


The haze might pollute Singapore and Southern Malaysia, but the fires are also killing the Sumatra people and the beautiful wildlife.

Central government please put aside all this political talk and figure' out some effective methods to stop the crazy burning at once!


Indonesians will never apologize to Singaporeans or Malaysians, because Indonesians suffering is by far greater.then haze pollution.

The message is clear to Singaporeans or Malaysians: You cannot isolate your region from problems in neighboring countries.

What Singaporeans or Malaysians can do to help is to investigate whether companies in the two countries are also responsible for the haze pollution problem.

Of course the Indonesian government is responsible, but the Singapore and Malaysian governments should also know their responsibilities.


Although the-haze crisis is unlikely to affect bilateral ties, it is heartening to see the forestry minister in action fighting a forest fire.
With aircraft water bombing seriously affected regencies, the central government can consider offers of aircraft deployment from Malaysia and Singapore because more aircraft means the thick smog problem will be solved and these aircraft can stay to douse more fires expected in July and August.

A great nation does not expect to be under global media scrutiny year in year out for cross border haze pollution.


It is a real shame. If my neighbor burns his rubbish I ask him not to do so, because it causes severe lung problems.


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