24 Juni 2013

Rl Dodges Haze Blame Game

June 20, pi

Amid criticism from its neighbors, Malaysia and Singapore, over the cross-border haze and deteriorating air quality affecting the two countries, Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa talked tough on the issue, saying that ASEAN members should collaborate to address the situation rather than blame each other.

The approach must be one of collaboration and partnership, not one of apportioning blame here and there. Lets focus on putting the fires out, Marty told a press conference.

Numerous hot spots created by slash-and-bum activities by several agricultural firms operating in Sumatra, particularly in Riau province, have reportedly resulted in thick haze over Singapore and some parts of Malaysia.

Your comments:

The minister is right, no need to blame each other. Indonesia doesnt blame Malaysian and Singaporean companies. Malaysia and Singapore dont blame Indonesia. Lets find the solution together.
Agung Nugroho

It is very unprofessional from the minister to consider it as a blame game. Not the first time that this phenomena has materialized.

This is already going on for more than a decade.

Many comments from the minister were out of context if I may say so, and I sincerely hope that our government will not stop officials from rebutting every point to expose their smoke-screens.

What I find offensive is when he said, quote: Such calls are actually a bit redundant in a sense that we in Indonesia, the government and our people, want those responsible to be held accountable. There is actually no need for such a demand. We are fully aware of the impact and consequences and the need for action.

Singapores officials were only asking for the culprits of Singaporean companies to be named after one of their officials tried to shift the blame to Singapore, but now, their foreign minister is adding insult to injury.

The haze problem which has been with us for more than a decade will continue to be there for a long time more.

Come on Singapore! Forget all the diplomatic language and show us Singaporeans what our officials are really made of!

The minister says (We) want those responsible to be held accountable, when will Indonesian government ministers accept responsibility for the ongoing and willful destruction of Indonesias natural environment for short term profit by negligent corporations?

The haze is more indicative of the governments failed PR exercise when trying to deflect the responsibilities for criminal environmental damage. They grant the licenses to foreign and domestic firms destroying the environment for profit, from Papua to Sumatra.

They are responsible for enforcing environmental law and have a moral responsibility to Indonesians to ensure laws are ratified and fit for purpose in the first place.

The Sublime natural heritage of Indonesia is pretty well unmatched anywhere in the world, it is not good enough for government ministers to pay such little regard to it, or observe the environment as a mere resource for tax and profit, most of which does nothing to benefit ordinary people. -

There needs to be a change in national politics led by democratic and environmental values, which will force criminal companies and negligent politicians out, and hold them to account for their actions.1

lnddnesia does not want Singapore to complain about the haze reaching hazardous levels. !

Okay, so Singaporeans should just sit at home and relax and rely on the Indonesian authorities to handle; this issue? 1 thought Indonesia has had been handling this for the past decade.

Does Indonesia need another decade to start improving? Please let us know when Indonesia is ready to allow those who are suffering the freedom to complain.

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