24 Juni 2013

The Fuel Price Hike

The increasing of the price of subsidized fuel is expected to enlarge the fiscal space a$d President SBY has full authority to decide it.

The fuel-price issue has been obviously used by certain political parties for the sake of their political interests.
Giggsy Gaila

The House of Representatives has given the green light for the governments proposal to reduce fuel subsidies which means a significant increase in the price of fuel.

As chairman of the Coalition, SBY should dismiss the PKS from the coalition, which became an opposition party and as president/chief executive he should replace PKS ministers in his Cabinet.

Mr. President, please show some firmness in the last days of your presidency. ,


We should do something to reduce dependency on oil and non-sustainable energy and look toward a new energy policy.

We also have to improve our public transportation system.
Susan Ifki Keliobas Yogyakarta

Hopefully, the cut in fuel subsidies will benefit the people.

The benefits should develop the quality of education; more seriously eradicate poverty and finally improve peoples welfare.

I believe that the decision by the House of Representatives has passed through careful consideration.

But, I hope that the direct cash assistance to the poor will reach the target people.

The government has disseminated that it has allocated funds as compensation for the fuel price hike direct cash assistance, infrastructure development and scholarship, etc. We hope that it will benefit the people.
Meiliza Irma Putri Yogyakarta

We know that the subsidy is mostly enjoyed by rich people. I agree that subsidies should be meant for the poor.

Therefore, the governments policy to distribute cash to the poor is good. But we need a good system so that money will reach them.
Yayan Indra Irawan Yogyakarta

Fuel prices have been increased several times. The reasons are still the same: to reduce the pressure on the state budget.

The government has to be transparent in managing the budget, more seriously eradicating corruption. Meanwhile, health service and education quality should also be improved.
Deska Arini Yogyakarta

Finally, the House of Representatives approved the proposal to reduce the fuel subsidy.

The policy should be followed by other policies like intensifying corruption eradication and improving
education quality.

Yes, the government should increase the price of fuel to stabilize the state budget.

In addition, the fuel subsidy has generally missed its target so far.
Abdul AzizAzhari YOGYAKARTA

After raising the fuel prices, the government should control the prices of other commodities.
Sri Lestari Yogyakarta

The governments policy to raise the price of fuel is one of the right steps to save the Indonesian state budget.

The subsidy should be shifted to the right people as the fuel subsidy is mostly enjoyed by rich people.
Mirza Ananda Yogyakarta

I agree with the governments proposal to reduce fuel subsidies because any subsidy should go to the poor while the fuel subsidy benefits mostly rich people.
Ameliasari Yogyakarta

Even the people in need

a still dont receive much benefit. We all know that cash assistance (BLSM) is pretty much a soft bribe. Its a wise choice to raise the fuel price, but, with proper timing and steady increments. Not suddenly like this.

The policy and decision to reduce fuel subsidies or to increase oil prices and pressure on the state budget, is not independent policy. The success for this policy depends on what will happen after.

So, I think its more than economical thinking. What I believe is, we should improve our transportation system and reduce our dependency on oil or non-sustainable energy and look toward a new energy policy. I do believe Indonesia does have the potential for that.
Susan K

(S39I There are about a million dif-jjjflgj ferent ways to help bring In-ISI donesia out of its third world status. Unfortunately the people in power in this country dont realize that the suffering of the poor in Indonesia, equates to the countrys suffering as a whole.
Dave Jakarta

I understand the governments proposal to reduce the fuel subsidy but it will be meaningless if corruption still rampantly exists in our beloved country.

The fuel price hike torments ordinary people like me.

The state budget is very much enjoyed by corrupt officials, civil servants and legislators.

Bona Jakarta

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