19 Juni 2013

Directorate General Of Taxes Clarifies

Regarding the letter titled High salaries but still corrupt by Yohanes Wawengkang (The Jakarta Post, May 18) we hereby submit clarification.

The Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) appreciates the Corruption Eradication Commissions (KPK) apprehension of every person who commits tax bribery. We hope these apprehensions can serve as a deterrent for other taxpayers and tax officials.

The DGT has continuously committed to prevent and exterminate any form of abuse of power.

The apprehension process is a logical consequence of reform, therefore, the DGT has cooperated with law enforcement agencies and continued to strengthen internal controls by implementing a whistle-blowing system and internal control system, while also continuously developing human resources.

The DGT consistently implements bureaucratic reform and increases professionalism by enforcing the law in terms of any kind of tax violations.

We are very grateful for your attention and suggestions, which are extremely important to our public service improvement.

We strongly recommend that anyone who knows of any taxation violations to not hesitate to inform us by dialing KringPajak 500200 or by visitingpajak.go.id.

Kismontoro Petrus
Director of counseling, service and PUBLIC RELATIONS Directorate General of Taxes Jakarta

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