18 Juni 2013

Singapore Airlines's Response

First of all, we would like to convey our apologies for the inconveniences Caused to you when you traveled with us on SQ 957/3 June 2013.

The flight was bumpy and due to the flight conditions and high load, the preparation was rushed and hectic, therefore the meal service may not have been as expedient as it could have been. Under these conditions, the crews priority was to ensure getting the meal service out to passengers, and this may have resulted in the crew not responding to the request for a blanket from Ms Madijahs companion. The towel on the floor was not picked up because it was seen as a floor rag, and the crew decided to move it aside.

Thank you for sharing your observation and feedback with us. We will continue to review, to see how we can improve our service. You may also send your feedback to: id-feedback@singupor-eair.com.sg.

Glory Henriette Public Relations Mrnrger Singapore Airlines

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