17 Juni 2013

British Oil Worker Released In Aceh

June 13, Online

The British Embassy announced that British oil worker Malcolm Primrose, who was abducted by unidentified armed men on Tuesday in Peureulak, East Aceh, has been released.

According to a press release made available to The Jakarta Post, Malcolm, a senior drilling expert, was released in the surrounding area of the Alur Kol Village, Rantau Selamat District, East Aceh Regency on Thursday morning.

Your comments:

Thanks to God, finally the kidnappers have released the British citizen Malcolm Primrose, who was kidnapped on Tuesday afternoon. Malcolm was found at the Wira Perea Inc., security post, Alur Pol w village, Rantau Selamat subdistrict, East Aceh Regency by the authorities.

However, the kidnappers are still on the run and the authorities are finding it difficult to capture them since they appear to have a good knowledge of the area.

This incident could happen again as the police and the military have yet to capture these perpetrators.

Moreover, there is still large number of arms in the area due to the previous conflict. Ex-combatant elites might have a hidden plan for the future of Aceh.

On the other hand, the motive of the perpetrators is still questionable since the authorities always find a dead end situation in every terrorism case in Aceh.

The ex-combatant group in the Aceh Transition Committee (KPA) is going to deny every accusation directed at their members, so the authorities will once again find themselves in a no go situation.

Acehnese villagers will keep their mouths closed, otherwise they will find themselves the subject of severe intimidation by these perpetrators. Thats why the police and other authorities should work seriously to investigate the motive and announce it to the public.

Rafli Hasan

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