17 Juni 2013

Jakarta Great Sale

Your comments on some 74 shopping centers across Jakarta that are taking part in the annual Jakarta Great Sale 2013, which began on June 1 and runs through July 14, with discounts on goods of up to 70 percent:

If the discounts are up to 70 percent, then it means that their profits are higher than that to cover their expenses. So, I do not trust this whole thing. It is just to increase their sales.
Mahmud Turjuman

I think the sale is just a marketing trick.
Fajar Puturdi

They just want to clear out their stock: First in, first out. It surely tempts me and other customers.
Robinson Elohansen

A Great Sale is great but the question is where do most of the people get the money? Seventy percent? I am tempted but I will buy what I need, not what I want.
E Nurdin Jakarta

Discounts on goods of up to 70 percent is very tempting anywhere. Yet, the moment you remember the majority of our people are still struggling for food, you cannot help but feel guilty and you end up giving away the highly discounted goods to the first needy person you meet. On the other hand, patronizing shopping centers across Jakarta is in fact a way of supporting our small businesses while, at the same time, making our tax office earn its daily collections for the state. Well managed, this tax money will eventually reach the needy and help support the nation, too.
Moeljono Adikoesoemo Jakarta

The Great Sale shows there is compassion by both retail businessmen and the government to people regarding the planning of the fuel price hike. I am not tempted by the sale because with the cheap prices, I wonder about the quality of the goods. Therefore, all shopping centers should guarantee the quality of the goods that will be sold to the public so that people are getting quality goods.
Bambang Utomo Jakarta

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