13 Juni 2013

Official Reported To Police For Hitting Flight Attendant

June 7, Online

Representatives of Sriwijaya Air management have reported Belitung Investment Coordinating Board chief Zakaria Umar to the police for slapping flight attendant Febriani across the face during the last flight from, Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang on Wednesday night.

Zakaria could not accept being told by Febriani to switch off his phone for flight safety reasons; therefore, he slapped her across the face with a rolled up newspaper shortly after landing" Sriwijaya Air spokesman Aguns Soedjono said as quoted by tempo.co on Thursday.

Your comments:

Ill mannered people are found all over the world. But this senior official, Belitung Investment Coordinating Board chief Zakaria Umar, is definitely a strong contender for being named one of the most arrogant Indonesians.

He should be fired from his position as a warning to other officials who treat those he considers beneath him as slaves. Tami Koestomo

He should be fired from his job and banned from flying forever. Will

I hope Sriwijaya Air backs and supports its employee to the utmost. Showing people that they must follow the rules without kowtowing to their position or wealth will teach them to treat people with respect Michael

It seems as if hes not a leader. Anyway, being rude solves nothing. Who does he think he is? Saniscara

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