12 Juni 2013

Return The Jakarta Fair To Jakartans

Governor Joko Widodo said he planned to restore the Jakarta Fair to its original objective, namely for the people of the city, not just for business promotions by large corporations:

Thats what a leader should do: prioritize peoples interests. Giggsy Gaile a

A fair is where we show off business wares, from building products to transportation rolling stocks, from farming equipment to furniture production and the introduction of certain (local/foreign) products for manufacture or direct consumption.

I am almost certain that local products are welcome at the Jakarta Fair. I could imagine that the cost of
space at the fair could be too much for poorer Jakartans. Here is where Jokowi must bring about the participation of the people in order to promote their produce.

Business promotions by larger business corporations will shoulder the larger portion of the fairs expense and the rest will be divided among smaller, local businesses of Jakarta. In this way, the fair will accommodate big business as well as the small fry to represent the trading community. Moeuono Adikoesoemo Jakarta

Jokowi is longing for the atmosphere of a traditional market that helps rural communities enjoy their lives in the spirit of capitalism.

He wants to share his successful experience when he was a mayor in Surakarta and implement that in Jakarta.

Good luck to this creative governor. Im sure your brilliant dream will come true. JOKO WlCOYO Yogyakarta

You dont have to go back to anything. I hope Joko Widodo will never become the president of Indonesia, as he would return Indonesia to the dark ages.

Dont look back governor, but if
you look ahead, many people will support you. E Nurdin Jakarta

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